Why Senior Companion Care?

Physical health is the number one priority of many senior citizens and their family members. After all, taking medications, visiting doctors, enjoying physical activity, and maintaining a healthy diet are all critical to keep aging bodies in good health. In addition, mental health and happiness have been found to have a direct influence on physical health, so taking steps to address your aging loved one’s mental health is important.

Why Senior Companion Care?

Human beings are social creatures: We live in groups, we cherish friendships and relationships, and we strive for human contact throughout our lives. As we age, the need for social interaction doesn’t go away, even as it becomes more difficult to do everyday things. It is a sad fact of aging that senior citizens worldwide feel lonely and isolated.

Companionship can help.

For families with an aging relative, it can feel like all the responsibility for care and companionship is on your shoulders, but you are not alone. Trust our Bluearrow Care compassionate senior care experts to take some of the responsibility from you. Senior Helpers specializes in creating meaningful connections between our clients and caregivers, so you can rest easy knowing that the person you love is in good hands.

Qualified Caregivers

Blue Arrow Care caregivers are carefully chosen to be compassionate and qualified, so you can trust your loved one in their capable care. Even more importantly, your family member’s companion is purposefully chosen from our pool of caregivers to ensure compatibility. We take into account personalities, experiences, interests, and skills to help facilitate a lasting bond between your loved one and their caregiver.

As survey found that lonely seniors are less likely to spend time doing things that build social networks like attending religious services, working on hobbies, and volunteering. As senior citizens age, it becomes increasingly difficult to do those things on their own, which is why a companion caregiver can have such a profound impact. A Blue Arrow Care caregiver can assist your loved one in getting around town to attend religious services, do their normal grocery shopping, or any other activity that they choose.

Additionally, a popular companionship service is just that: companionship. Many of our clients enjoy the company of our caregivers, and they will sit together and chat, play games, and generally enjoy each other’s company. Whatever your loved one and their caregiver do together, these meaningful interactions can give your family member something to look forward to.

Companionship Services

Our senior companion care services include, but are not limited to:

  • Caring companionship and conversation
  • Help with hobbies
    • Scrapbooking
    • Artistic pursuits
    • Playing games
    • Gardening
    • Sports & news
    • General shopping and errands
  • Transportation
    • Doctor visits
    • Religious services
    • Community events
    • Visiting family and friends
  • Assistance with pet care
  • Reminder services (medications, dates, routines, etc.)
  • Meal preparation
  • Light housekeeping
  • Errands
    • Prescription pickup
    • Dry cleaning
  • Grocery shopping
  • Home safety evaluation

Flexible Care

Our companion care service options are flexible and customizable according to your specific situation, so we provide the exact services that will give your family member the companionship they need. We work with you to determine a personal, customized care plan that includes senior companion care, personal care, and any of our other care options.

Whether you need Blue Arrow Care’ assistance 24/7 or just a few hours a day, our offices are here to help.

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If you would like to know more about our companion care services, or to speak with a Senior Helpers elder care expert about creating a customized care plan for your loved one, please contact us today.

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