What Does a Home Care Assistant Do?

A home care assistant provides wellbeing support in whichever way you need. Depending on the recommendations in your personal care plan, they can:

  • Prepare healthy and satisfying meals
  • Ensure that medication is taken consistently and on time
  • Encourage you to maintain rewarding social connections
  • Shop for you, or take you shopping, to ensure that your home is stocked with drinks and food
  • Assist you in continuing to enjoy hobbies and pastimes you enjoy, or encourage you to start new ones that you will find enriching
  • Vacuum, dust and tidy your home so that it remains a comfortable and clean environment
  • Help you to bathe and dress, and even do your hair, nails and makeup, so that you feel confident and happy when visitors call or when you’re out
  • Feed and take care of your pets so that you can keep them at home even if you’re less mobile.

Whatever level of support you require, Blue Arrow Care will find the right carer to suit your needs. All of our carers are friendly, professional and invested in providing you with the highest quality of at-home support, so you’re sure to enjoy spending time with them.

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