Overcoming Loneliness:

Loneliness is a feeling that can be temporary or long-lasting. Loneliness affects one’s health and well-being if it is constant. There are many ways to reduce or prevent loneliness and enjoy the feelings of less isolation.

Skills on being sociable or outgoing can lessen the problem of loneliness for some extent. And that needs to be worked on regularly until one is comfortable with doing different things. Eventually, you will feel much better; approachable, sociable and can overcome those introverted feelings more easily.

Talk to people-

When there is a feeling of loneliness we avoid talking to people. However, the more you communicate with others the less you feel lonely. Self-pity and isolation deepen the lonely feeling, resulting in depression. Catching up with friends/family either over the phone or visiting them in person helps.

Internet connections-

Another asset in reducing loneliness and isolation in our lives is the internet. It helps in keeping in touch with everything and everyone around us; as we may be unable to do it personally.  You can find a particular channel to engage with others who may have similar needs or interests. There is ‘’Gransnet’’ an online community channel that provides company to the elderly.


To feel more connected to the earth and each other, nature has a great part to play. Spending at least a little time each day with nature is worthwhile in improving the feelings of well-being.

  • Join social groups
  • Keep pets like a cat, dog or birds
  • Start a kitchen garden
  • Take a walk
  • Join a recreation group

Stay Busy-

To avoid lonely feelings one should stay busy. You may be able to get help with your local council concerning financial matter, to start a work to keep yourself busy.

  • There are often coffee mornings in localities where you can meet people and make new friends.
  • Cherish your hobbies
  • Make use of your skills for the benefit of others.
  • You can also volunteer at any social organizations.
  • You can also join a local class to learn something new

Plan your week-

Spend the week in an organized way by planning things ahead. Make a list of things to do and places to visit which will help you to look forward to the events. Even if you have failed to follow the immediate plan for the day you still have that next activity on the list to enjoy.

Let people in-

Often, people who are lonely feel anxious about making new friends or letting people get close to them. A lonely mind is always pessimistic. Therefore, get out of the isolation and socialize and you will soon wonder why you didn’t do it earlier.

Campaign to end loneliness-

There are organizations who offer help to people who are suffering from loneliness. They involve you in many activities like providing volunteer works in the local community.


Caretakers can help you or your older relatives to reduce feelings of loneliness. We can provide a caretaker for friendship and companionship. We help people to be more extroverts and avoid them staying isolated.

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