How our home care services help you:

Supporting independence through flexible, personalized home care services-

We provide quality home care services designed to enable our customers to remain independent and free from their day-to-day household chores. Our aim is to help you live life safely, comfortably and to the fullest.

How often can I receive home care services?

We can adapt to your needs, from the occasional hour, regular daily visit to long-term service. We’re here to provide support on your specific (as well as unchangeable) needs and wishes. We provide emergency cover and relief care for family carers too.

What kind of home care services do you provide?

Our home care workers can help and support you in many ways providing assistance, reassurance and encouragement. Besides assisting you in your domestic and external duties they will also cast out the boredom and loneliness by being an understanding companion.

We can help with the daily personal support like washing, dressing and getting ready in the morning. We provide long-term care for both physically and mentally disabled members of our household.

Person centered home care-

Our home care services are mainly a person centered approach. We concentrate on the personal needs of our customers and provide them with a personalized, reliable and high quality service that allows our customers and their families to live in peace and at ease. We assure you that our fundamental person centered approach to home care is that our customers receive the best and most appropriate support, matching their needs and aspirations. We learn about what is important to our customers by listening to them attentively and continuously. We create best planned care and support for each customer’s requirement as a unique individual. To ensure a holistic care, we approach and involve friends, families and even health professionals.

Ensuring that you always remain at the heart of what we do, we offer:

  • Choice control and pliability
  • Dignity and respect
  • Ever ready to support your personal wishes.
  • Services designed around you; ensuring you receive the support when you are in need.
  • Our highest priority is your privacy and dignity. We can provide you needs and choices.

Practical Support:

We provide help, assistance and support for everyday tasks such as:

  • Cooking meals
  • Cleaning and tidying the home
  • Shopping
  • Laundry and Ironing
  • Helping with household bills and mail
  • Help with organizing days-out such as meeting friends and family etc.
  • Relief for those looking after your family members.

Personal Support:

We provide personal support and care for all age groups to enhance their quality of life and wellbeing by helping with the demands of daily routines which may have become more difficult with passing time, such as:

  • Helping in getting up and getting ready for the day.
  • Washing and bathing
  • Dressing up for different occasions.
  • Settling for the evening
  • Managing medicine for the sick

Complex Care:

At times, when caring and different needs become more complex/ challenging; there may be a need to call upon health professionals for support and recovery from a specific sickness or incident.

This level of support may also be needed when:

  • Discharged from hospital
  • Long term care for sicknesses as Dementia
  • Intensive care especially for the aged members
  • Crisis prevention required to avoid admission to residential or hospital care.
  • End-of-life care is needed.

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