Elderly Care- Affordable Elderly Home Care Tailored To Your Every Need


Elderly care is our passion. Our carers will always treat your loved one with respect and dignity, allowing them to live an independent and happy life as much as possible. Assuring the senior safety and making sure their every need is more than met.


Growing old comes with inevitable decline in health. However, it doesn’t have to lead to spending your golden years in care homes, completely dependent on others.

Elder live in care is a great alternative that will give senior in need sense of control, stability and independence. Staying in their own home is beyond beneficial for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients that thrive in familiar surroundings.

It is extremely important for us that our customers and their families receive all the support needed, at every possible stage of care. Our carers are equipped to accommodate the specific needs of both man and women. We are also aware that some of our clients need gender-specific care – we are more than happy to provide that.

Home care for elderly relies mainly on ensuring the patient’s safety, as seniors tent to forget to switch off the stove or turn off the running water. You can’t buy a peace of mind, but with Veritas Care live-in carer you come pretty close.

Professional home care for your loved one. Get to know us better!

How does it work?

Blue Arrow Care operates trained caregivers to work for our clients as independent contractors. Providing the highest quality of care is our mission, and we can achieve that by hiring trained professional. The sense of security and safety will enable your elderly loved one to continue living life to the fullest despite the health decline.

Home Care Assessment

Completing home care assessment is the first step towards getting a trained home carer. By providing the most important details about a patient, we can give you a precise quote. It also serves a purpose in evaluating how much support your elderly loved one needs in everyday life.

Blue Arrow Care clients only pay for what they need – the cost of care will rise according to the level of support senior requires. With constant help your elderly loved one will feel safe. Staying in the familiar surroundings of their dear home has many advantages and positive effects both on well-being and overall physical health. Leave your family member in good hands!

The focus of our carefully screened and highly trained professionals is lifting the spirits of the elders and family caregivers we serve by offering them exceptional care combined with flexible scheduling options and 24/7 availability 0208 546 3945 | 07483430008. To learn more now about Blue Arrow Care Prefer Homecare, or to schedule a FREE consultation for a senior in Cobham  or Richmond RoadKingston upon Thames , please visit us at: www.bluearrowcare.co.uk

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