Caregiver Tips: Making morning care easier for elder

Everyone has a morning routine, their personal way of getting
going in the morning. But for the elderly who many times suffer from chronic pain, stiffness, constipation and confusion, morning routine can pose a challenge.

Morning care, involving getting up, going to the bathroom, washing up, brushing teeth and then dressing requires moving, moving and more moving. If the elder is suffering from arthritis, back pain, headache, osteoporosis or pain from a past injury or fracture all that moving makes morning care difficult.

5 Ways to start a person centered morning routine:

• If the elder suffers from chronic pain, a half hour before starting morning care give their pain medication.
• Know you’re elder; be flexible with their get up time. If they have always been a “rise and shine” person greet them, open the curtains, put on the radio, tell them what the weather is going to be. If they have always had a hard time getting going in the morning they will want a slower and quieter pace.
• If there is a routine to getting going in the morning – putting on a bedside lamp, opening the curtains, a certain greeting – maintaining that routine helps and cues the confused elder as to what is going on.
• How about coffee in bed and a little time to relax before you start. A hot beverage will many times assist an elderly person with moving their bowels in the morning.
• Take breaks; maybe have breakfast in the bedroom during morning care.

Starts day singing a little song

Good morning to you, good morning to you,
We’re all in our places, with bright shiny faces.
Good morning to you, good morning to you.

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